Governor Greg Abbott, must call a special session to release the Rainy-Day Fund for Texas gulf coast communities in wake of Hurricane Harvey

BEAUMONT, Texas (Sept. 14, 2017) — Governor Abbott recently announced that there would be no need to call a special session and tap into our state’s Rainy-Day Fund for this disaster.  He is wrong.  Abbott went on record saying that he would not call a special session to tap into the Rainy-Day Fund to help with housing, rebuilding infrastructure, and returning families to Southeast Texas.

Our first responders and civil servants have acted bravely.  Volunteers have come to our aid from across the state and country.  Now it is time for our Governor and Texas Legislature to get in the game.  Time is of the essence.  The Legislature is not set to meet until January 2019.  Inaction and indecision is not acceptable.  Governor Abbott and the Legislature have a moral and humanitarian duty to protect and rebuild the gulf coast community.  That is exactly the purpose of the Rainy-Day Fund.

The Rainy-Day Fund is generated by oil and gas revenues from production.  The Texas gulf coast refines much of our nation’s energy.   Indeed, the Southeast Texas community powers our nation’s economy.  Now it is time to rebuild that community.

Governor Abbott, in our moment of crisis, when it rains and it floods, call a special session and help us. It’s the right thing to do.