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Every American owes a massive debt of gratitude and respect to the millions of men and women who have fought for and on behalf of our great country.

Donald Trump and the Trump Republicans have consistently tried to pass legislation to privatize veteran’s health care and services. They want to force veterans away from VA health services and into fighting for private doctors and health care.

Hillary Clinton will build a world class 21st Century veterans’ health care system. She will fight and veto any effort to privatize the veteran’s health care. She will implement programs to speed up the delivery of health care and delivery of services using today’s technology and methods. She will continue work to match veterans to jobs and education that connects them to jobs of the future.

Hillary will implement a “veteran centric model of excellence” that creates an expectation of accountability, service and distinction.  Hillary will cement the certainty of full veterans’ affairs budgets.

Women’s Rights

Unfortunately, it is still true in the United States that women are not paid equally compared to men doing the same work. In short, women are not treated equally and fairly.

Trump Republicans have consistently fought raising the minimum wage so that it becomes a sustainable living wage. Republicans have failed to support legislation aimed at reducing costs for childcare, and family leave legislation to help ease the economic burden of American families.

Hillary Clinton will pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, that she introduced as a United States Senator. That will give women a way to fight discrimination they encounter in the workforce. She will fight for raising the minimum wage, which will have an overwhelming effect on working women. She will continue to support the work of Planned Parenthood and protecting reproductive rights. She will fight to strengthen efforts to confront violence against women.

Hillary will fight every day for women’s equality, rights and dignity here at home and all over the world.

National Defense

Americans deserve and expect to feel safe and secure in their home and on their streets. Our national government should have no more important obligation.

Donald Trump has talked about the concept of using tactical nuclear weapons in Europe and other regions. On August 8, 50 Republican national security experts released a letter warning that Trump would put our nation’s security at risk.

Hillary Clinton is more qualified than anyone before to assume the mantle of “Commander-in- Chief”. She has been elected twice as United States Senator from New York. Hillary served a distinguished four years as President Obama’s Secretary of State. She has a knowledge and understanding of foreign policy that is not rivaled for an incoming President. Hillary Clinton will ensure that our streets are safe and our country strong.


Healthcare and good health is essential for a healthy and prosperous country and its future.

Donald Trump and the Trump Republicans want to repeal The Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare). In fact, the Republicans have voted to Obamacare 6 times and failed each time. They have tried to undermine Obamacare 50 times and failed.

Democrats believe that a sick child can’t learn and any person needing health services should be able to get it. Hillary Clinton was the leader writing and passing the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP is responsible for helping millions of our kids get the healthcare they need. Democrats since President Harry Truman have attempted to pass affordable healthcare for all citizens, regardless of race or economic status.


Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Emma Lazarus, Words from the Statue of Liberty

Donald Trump and the Trump Republicans believe in building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. They believe we should deport all people residing in the country who may have entered improperly and deport them, house by house; family by family.

Donald Trump and the Trump Republicans believe that we should ban all Muslims from entering the country and investigate those already living here.

Democrats believe, as written on the Statue of Liberty, that we are a nation of immigrants. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats believe in instituting comprehensive immigration reform. We believe that we should treat everyone fairly and advocate for President Obama’s executive actions that protected families and individuals from unnecessary and unwarranted deportations.

Democrats believe in our nations’ Constitution and oppose any religious test to enter our country. We believe we are strong exactly because of our diversity.


The economy and jobs affect every single living person. The importance of a strong and growing economy cannot be overstated.

Donald Trump just announced his plan for the economy. It was a plan that follows every Republican plan for the economy. Cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations so the money will trickle down to the rest of us.

Under President Obama job growth has been strong and consistent. As President Obama noted in a recent tweet, “The economy added 255,000 jobs in July- a record-breaking 77 months of private-sector job growth.”

Democrats believe there is dignity in all work, but that workers deserve a fair and livable minimum wage. Democrats believe in an economy that builds families and works for everyone. We want to stop tax breaks for the wealthiest and most prosperous. Democrats advocate for an economic plan that lifts working families’ income and lifts children out of poverty.


With education, all is possible. Since before the publishing of her book, “It Takes a Village”, Hillary Clinton has been committed to children and early childhood education. She believes a child is born with that right. She will expand what currently works and work to include more vulnerable communities. She will make preschool education available for every child. She will reinvigorate efforts to support parents seeking and paying for childcare.

Hillary will launch programs to build and to renovate schools in cities and rural towns across America. She will work to expand opportunities to learn computer education and skills, fight to increase teacher pay and make common-sense student achievement standards.

Hillary will initiate making debt-free college a reality. All community colleges will offer free tuition. She will increase Federal government will increase support to historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic oriented institutions and other minority serving colleges and universities.

Hillary will be the President that values education for every person and community. With education, all is possible.


As anyone who recently watched the Rio 2016 Olympic Ceremonies TV broadcast can tell you, Global Warming is being currently felt across the world.

Donald Trump and the Trump Republicans believe, as Politifact reported in June,Donald Trump said that global warming is a “hoax” In fact, in 2014 they reported his claim was “Pants on Fire”.

Democrats believe that climate change is very real and poses a tremendous global challenge and threat. Hillary believes “Climate change is an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time. It threatens our economy, our national security, and our children’s health and futures.”

Democrats believe we should continue to build on the success and scope of President Obama’s focus on climate change. We should build on clean energy sources and the reduction of deadly gas emissions. We should seek more partners to fight this truly global disaster.