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Jefferson County Democrats announce initiative to locate evacuees

BEAUMONT, Texas — The Jefferson County Democratic Party hosted a press conference Monday, Sept 18, at the Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse, 525 Lakeshore Dr. in Port Arthur, to announce an initiative to locate Southeast Texans who were evacuated in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The press conference was hosted by Jefferson County Democratic Party chairman, Cade Bernsen and Michael Sinegal, Commissioner Precinct 3.

The local Democratic Party is creating a platform to help locate Jefferson County evacuees. People will be able to access the form at Jefferson County Evacuee Check In, or at

In the aftermath of the flooding by Harvey, many Jefferson County residents were saved from rising waters and taken to shelters. These people were taken from local shelters and sent around the state. Which raises important questions: How many people were taken? Where did they go? Who is keeping track of them? And how do we get them back home and put them in safe housing?

Bernsen said that approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people were flown out on military planes, and many more went out on buses. “The numbers are jaw dropping,” he said.

Five years after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, an estimated 100,000 people had still not returned to the city. Many never did return. This initiative is aimed at not letting the same thing happen in Jefferson County.

The platform offers evacuees a place to check in. Information gathered will be used for the sole purpose of assisting county and city officials with the development of plans to return Jefferson County citizens to their home.

“We have to be committed to fighting for the life of our community,” Bernsen said.

Jefferson Co. Evacuee Click Here

Protecting Our Environment for the Future

Democrats are committed to curbing the effects of climate change, protecting America’s natural resources, and ensuring the quality of our air, water, and land for future generations. From investing in clean energy to protecting our ecosystems, Democrats are working to address our biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a more sustainable America.

Combat Climate Change, Build a Clean Energy Economy, andSecure Environmental Justice

Climate change is an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time.  Fifteen of the 16 hottest years on record have occurred this century.  While Donald Trump has called climate change a “hoax,” 2016 is on track to break global temperature records once more. Cities from Miami to Baltimore are already threatened by rising seas. California and the West have suffered years of brutal drought.  Alaska has been scorched by wildfire.  New York has been battered by superstorms, and Texas swamped by flash floods.  The  best science  tells  us that  without  ambitious, immediate action across our economy  to cut  carbon pollution  and other  greenhouse gases, all of these impacts will  be far worse  in  the  future.  We cannot leave our children a planet that has been profoundly damaged.

Building a Clean Energy Economy
We are committed to getting 50 percent of our electricity from  clean  energy  sources  within  a decade, with  half  a billion  solar  panels  installed   within   four  years and enough  renewable  energy to power every home in the country. We will  cut energy  waste in  American  homes,  schools,  hospitals,  and offices  through  energy  efficient  improvements;  modernize   our electric  grid;  and make American manufacturing  the  cleanest  and most  efficient  in  the  world.  These  efforts  will create millions   of new  jobs and  save  families   and  businesses  money  on their  monthly  energy bills.

Protecting Our Public Lands and Waters
Democrats  believe   in  the  conservation  and collaborative   stewardship   of our shared  natural heritage: the public lands and waterways,  the oceans,  Everglades,  Great  Lakes, the Arctic,  and  all that  makes  America’s   great  outdoors  priceless.  As a nation, we need policies and investments that will keep America’s public lands public, strengthen protections for our natural and cultural resources, increase access to parks and public lands for all Americans, protect native species and wildlife,   and harness the immense   economic and social potential of our public lands and waters.

Securing Environmental and Climate Justice
Democrats believe clean air and clean water are basic rights of all Americans.  Yet as we saw in Flint,  Michigan,  low-income  communities  and communities  of color are disproportionately  home   to environmental  justice  “hot  spots,” where  air  pollution,  water  pollution,  and  toxic  hazards  like lead increase health and economic hardship. (Source DNC platform)

Join our mission to protect our environment and create a clean energy economy for our future generations, your children and grandchildren.  Please get involved in this historic election.

Strong on Womens issues and opportunities

The Democratic Party has always advocated for women rights and promoted opportunities for women. In Jefferson County, we are proud to support “the most qualified person ever to run for President, Hillary Clinton” and locally, we are proud to support the most qualified person for County Sheriff, Zena Stephens, who is the only candidate who has been in charge of a law enforcement agency. Both are strong and accomplished women.

As you can see below, The Democratic Party stands head and shoulders above the Republicans on women’s rights and opportunities. Please help us elect our first woman President and the first African American woman sheriff in the state of Texas.




  • Passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first piece of legislation President Obama signed into law, to help ensure that women get equal pay for equal work under federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Supported the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would give women the tools to fight pay discrimination in the workplace
  • Convened an Equal Pay Task Force to ensure that existing equal pay laws are being properly enforced


  • represent more than half of minimum wage workers. Raising the national minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would benefit 15.5 million working women
  • states that assist low income families with the cost of childcare
  • support for paid sick leave programs
  • women with reasonable break times and private spaces at work to express breast milk, up until a child’s first birthday


  • to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, women could be charged higher insurance premiums than men because of their gender. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, women can no-longer be discriminated against on account of their gender
  • to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies could discriminate against patients with pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy
  • Affordable Care Act has provided over 47 million women with guaranteed access to free preventive services, such as cancer screenings


  • Reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act
  • Ended discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for federal contractors


ARE DIVERSE:  Nearly 34% of women in the U.S. are women of color representing 18% of the entire
U.S. population
ARE PROGRESSIVE:  According to an April 2014 Washington Post poll, 36 percent of women described themselves as Democrats, which is 16 percent higher than those identifying as Republican; In the 2012 election, 55% of all women who voted supported President Obama
ARE WORKERS:  Out of 127.1 million working age women in the U.S., 72.7 million women were in the labor force
ARE VOTERS:  Women made up 53% of the voters in the 2012 elections, and Obama won the support of women voters 56 to 44. Women voters were able to determine the outcome of the 2012 presidential election